Güssinger Garnelen

Name of the Startup

Güssinger Garnelen

One sentence introduction of the startup

 Shrimps raised in Burgenland without the use of antibiotics and chemicals.

Description of the startup

 We want to show that enjoyment is possible without sacrificing quality and a clear conscience. Convinced of our vision, we have developed a revolutionary method for the ecological breeding of shrimp!


Our shrimp are raised in Burgenland, without the use of antibiotics and chemicals. In this way we can harmonize freshness and regionality with the highest quality and sustainability.


Our shrimp are reared in specially developed tanks at a constant water temperature of 28°C. For this we use industrial waste heat, which comes from a wood chip heating system.


Our water is enriched with oxygen, a water exchange is not necessary. In addition to shrimp, there are also bacteria and plankton in the tanks. Through their interaction, the maritime cycle is simulated and the entire system is in balance.

What is your product/service?


What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

 Generating a fully automated solution to raise shrimps.

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

 Georg Ofner, office@guessinger-garnelen.at