Financials & sales training for startups in the Startup Pannonia region

The workshop took place online on 15th and 29th October with Florian Kandler. Florian is an entrepreneur with 15 years sales and business development experience, he spent time in Silicon Valley, and he founded 3 startups and have raised over € 3 million in three funding rounds from VCs and Angels in the US and Europe.

SMART-UP is a project in the Interreg AT-HU program and focusses on supporting innovative SMEs and startups.


One of the activities in the project covers trainings for startups to give them better tools and know how to found and grow their company successfully. One of the major activities in the first stage of the company is defining a sales strategy, filling up the sales funnel and putting all those figures into the financial tables. This was the topic of the 2 days training by Dr. Florian Kandler, an experienced founder and trainer from Austria. Startups from Hungary and Austria participated in the training, which could not happen mid of March in Eisenstadt finally happened online in October.


  Florian Kandler led the participants all the way from identifying their sales prospects, to building up a (qualified) sales funnel and in the final step putting all those figures into a financial spreadsheet. This allows startups and companies to find out how realistic their financial planning really is. A false understanding of the market is one of the main reasons why startups fail. And of course – talking about the right way to pitch your startup idea was part of the training as this is essential when startups approach their customers.


SMART-UP and the Interreg AT-HU program hope that we could support the startups in our region with this training.