Name of the Startup

kontractory / kontractory by DWP

One sentence introduction of the startup

kontractory by DWP helps users to quickly and safely find tailor-made legal solutions in numerous areas of life.

Description of the startup

Dax Wutzlhofer & Partner Rechtsanwälte (DWP) is an Austrian full-service law firm that is headquartered in Burgenland. They have offices in Vienna, Eisenstadt, Oberwart, Güssing and Graz. DWP is exclusively offering the legal tech service in Austria under the name “kontractory by DWP”. kontractory itself is a software start-up that provides legal tech solutions for law firms. Our contract assistant enables law firms to offer a unique way off engaging with clients and help them to receive legal services without hurdles, independent of location and through digital channels.

What is your product/service?

kontractory by DWP is a legal tech application from Austria. Users can easily create tailor-made contracts online and at the same time they can be sure that every single contract will be finalized and individualized by experienced Austrian lawyers. Each individual offer additionally includes a fixed time quota of legal advice from a specialized attorney-at-law.

Legal documents are divided into individual steps and an innovative process powered by complex decision trees allows independent, tailor-made design of documents by the client.

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

Currently, our biggest challenge is to enter the market and make our unique service more broadly known. We are convinced that our service offers great benefits to people who require legal assistance. We want to play a major role in the digitization of the legal sector and are working on entering markets and constantly improving our services.

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Markus Reinfeld


Lukas Leys



www.kontractory.at (kontractory by DWP)