Name of the Startup

Company: Acintya Global Holdings SAS

Brand: b-cube.ai

One sentence introduction of the startup

We make machines trade cryptocurrencies to maximize profits for humans, in order to make investment in cryptocurrencies easy and mainstream for individuals and institutions.

Description of the startup

We are developing the world's first Crypto Exchange & Fund Manager completely driven by AI. Our target markets are retail investors and institutions, primarily in Europe, then USA and Asia.

Our platform archives the crypto assets historical data, absorb all the news feed, using Big Data, generate trading signals in real time and finally make the decision to buy, sell or hold. 

Our bots based on these signals trade automatically on our own exchange platform or on third-party exchanges. 

The AI engine makes use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis along with our 10 unique strategies, to make the most accurate predictions of the market using Machine Learning. 

We have successfully released a prototype. 

What is your product/service?

For retail investors, our user-friendly Crypto Exchange platform allows automatic execution of the trades with our bots based on investors risk profile and gains appetite using our AI engine. This makes investing in cryptocurrencies easier than ever and accessible to the public.

For institutional investors, we develop a range of financial products to replicate what already exists for traditional markets to democratize investment in cryptocurrencies by achieving the level of industrialization needed for institutions. Our AI engine automatically composes these new products to optimize their performance and give the best return on investment.

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

Branding, PR & Marketing, Fund raising, Hiring the right talents

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Erwan Rouzel, erwan##kukac##acintyaholdings.com

Guruprasad Venkatesha, guruprasad##kukac##acintyaholdings.com