Fischer Robotics & Engineering e.U.

Name of the Startup

Fischer Robotics & Engineering e.U.

One sentence introduction of the startup

We are a young and modern special machinery company with a focus on creating environmentally friendly robot and special machinery industrial automations. 

Description of the startup

Fischer Robotics & Engineering e.U. was founded with the goal to create industrial automations for the 21st century. What we have learned in our career in machine manufacturing companies, that environment protection only plays a small role for established companies in their projects. For instance, lead is a very common additive in CNC-machined parts. But there are alternatives! So, we want to change that in creating a company where environment protection is as important as functionality and pricing when it comes to developing special machinery.

What is your product/service?

We develop and produce environmental friendly special machinery for very different markets. When applicable, we use industrial robots in our machines as well as electromechanical solutions.

At the moment we are developing a vendor machine, which allows the consumer to buy food in a safe way without plastic packaging.

Also we offer CAD-development, electrical development, and software development as well as CNC-parts manufacturing and 3D-Printing as a service.

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

Currently we are facing a massive loss of orders due to Covid-19. But besides that, we need a more suitable company building for expanding our activities when the Covid-Crisis is over. Also financing the development of the vendor machine completely out of the (currently decreasing) cashflow is quite a challenge.

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Clemens Fischer, MSc.,