Name of the Startup


One sentence introduction of the startup

We build disaster relief UGVs, robot platforms which are as fast and reliable as they should be in case of an emergency.

We also have robot platforms for research and education. 

Description of the startup

We are developing UGVs that can ensure fast and safe navigation under any circumstances.

We combine the experience of a human operator with the accuracy of vision sensors, trajectory planner and trajectory executor algorithms. The result of this combination is a teleoperated robot platform with offers assistance to its human operator.

Our main focus is research and development. We have successfully tested our solution by computer simulations, we are currently working on a prototype. 

What is your product/service?

We offer lightweight discovery UGVs for governmental, non-governmental organisations and businesses for rescue and damage assessment purposes. Different levels of on-board equipment are available.

We offer a small, low-cost robot platform for academics, researchers and educators.

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

Fundraising, Marketing, Finding professional partners  

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Rudolf Krecht,