Name of the Startup


One sentence introduction of the startup

Our development is an innovative production monitoring and intervention system (LMS – Line Monitoring System) specialized for electronic panel manufacturing (SMT) companies.

Description of the startup

The monitoring system provides immediate feedback in production disturbances and outages/downtime to the operator who is working alongside the production line. Another advantage is that the engineering and maintenance unit of the SMT company using our line monitoring system, as well as the company management also get additional information about the activities and production downtime in the factory. Using this kind of information, measures can be put in place to minimize hitherto undetected losses, leading to efficiency gains. Minimizing losses has a strong impact on a company’s costs.

What is your product/service?

Line monitoring system as SaaS

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

1.Go to Market

2.International contacts of partners are missing. 

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Benjámin Horváth or Tamás Szaif ,