Name of the Startup


One sentence introduction of the startup

UniPie is an e-learning application, what moves the university libraries to the digital age. 

Description of the startup

Unipie is an online library and wants to be an online university too. Now students can read the university books and can make unique cathegories for themselves. They will be able to make notes in two weeks, and in the next version they can make a whole thesis too. We also have more exciting plans to the future.

We ask 2450 HUF from the subscribers in a month and we pay royalties to the publisher companies and the authors. 

What is your product/service?

A web and a mobile application, that works as a digital library.  

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

Many publishers think that they don’t have to solve the problem of the market, that students can’t afford to buy that many books, they need, so they learn from illegal copies. We make them understand that we are not the enemy of them, and we don’t run away with their market: we create a market to those people who were out of that market, because of financial reasons, or because they use electric devices to live and to learn. 

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Brigitte Pozsgai, brigitte@unipieapp.com