Name of the Startup

x.news information technology gmbh

One sentence introduction of the startup

“Everything you need to know” / Our award winning live monitoring and research application for newsmakers, corporates and public organizations.

Description of the startup

The team has developed x.news™ an AI based real-time news aggregation and verification platform for customers in various segments that prior to it, typically spent hours on finding relevant information scattered in too many places. 

What is your product/service?

x.news™ is an AI based real-time platform that enables users to find relevant information, follow topics and stories of interest, collaborate and share news from a huge stack of sources including contracted (agencies, paywall), internal (MAM, CMS, images, docs), and social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, VK, Instagram) as well as web and communication systems in one go on any internet connected devices. This saves up to 90% of time currently spent on research efforts and allows verification and fact checking too.

What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

We already have won clients in the USA, LATAM, EU and the Middle East in the media, the corporate and the public sectors.

Due to Covid-19 however, our international sales and growth efforts as well as the participation in global conferences and events were brought to a full stop.  We therefore are currently seeking investors, that understand our unique offering and the global potential of the product, and want to help us continue our growth after the crisis.

Contact Details (Name, e-mail)

Andreas Pongratz, andreas.pongratz@x-news.eu