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The SMART-UP project facilitates the establishment of active business cooperation among new and start-up companies.

With the aid of customized R+D action plans for companies a more intensive utilization of research infrastructure and know-how can be realized. The companies may improve their market- and business results by using R+D opportunities and services in order to found their long-term successful cooperation.

By mentoring start-up companies and improving innovation management knowledge of new enterprises their long term survival chances improve significantly.

Within the project individual (mentoring, coaching, counselling) and team (workshop, company visit) activities are organized. The Austrian and Hungarian colleagues jointly discuss the emerging topics.

In the border regions the innovation performance is evaluated with a similar methodology in order to be able to compare the results.

The creation and operation of a cross border start-up community serves the support of start-up companies. The methods utilized during the common trainings, pilot teams and the validation of the ideas selected by Hungarian and Austrian company executives as well as their results can be utilized by the partners in the long run.

The duration of the SMART-UP project: 01.01.2018. – 31.05.2021.

ERDF co-financing: 886 011,33 €

Total budget: 1 042 366,32 €

This project is funded by the programme Interreg V-A AT-HU.

The cooperation programme Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary is a European funding programme that encourages cross-border cooperation in the border region to find solutions for common regional challenges.

Furthermore, the competitiveness shall be enhanced in the border region by supporting cooperation of SMEs. Including national resources, the cooperation programme provides 95 m EUR for facilitating cooperation in the border region.

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Startup Pannonia

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You can’t do it for long, but I can keep going in my 20s.

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